Hello again, Kiddos! Here we have a twit (t-wit). As you can see, we keep this bird in an all white room - this is because twits can be very excitable when they see multiple colors. We are currently viewing the twit through a false window - the twit sees a blank white wall on the other side. These creatures are very dangerous and hostile in the wild. This is because all of the colors that exist in nature. Once the colors are removed, twits behave peacefully, just like the one you see here! Even in an all white room though we sometimes have problems because the twit can see the color on its own wings and beak!

We'll leave this peculiar bird alone, let's see what's next!

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  1. So... the 'twit' reminds me of the logo at and the 'purpala' reminds me of the logo at

    Could you make one of your birds a cross between a professional wrestler, a mallard duck, and a penguin? And maybe it could have some naturally occurring version of a stapler for a beak? (Just kidding! Your pictures have all been really good.)