Alien Grazzel

Hello friends,
The Imagitoons Zoo was all set to expand...and then we had a set back. It seems someone let an Alien Queen loose, and now we're having a bit of a problem with having Alien eggs in the zoo. The Aliens have gotten to several of our creatures and now there are Alien versions of them running around our zoo - not the best situation for visitors (but potential plot of Alien 5). As we capture the Aliens I'll be sure to get pictures of them up.

Here, a facehugger got to our female Grazzel...


Paranormal Activity: Thanks for the laughs! I'd say it was a waste of time, but I haven't laughed so hard in a long time so I guess that makes up for it!

Chipotle: You made an over-hyped movie delicious!!

MST3K: We simply miss you...

Haikus: You pass the time...

Commission: Under Bridges...

Hello again friends! I guess I can consider this commission - I've been working on a design for a friend and this is just a small part of it:
The design was partly inspired by the song "Under Bridges" by one of my favorite bands, Brave Saint Saturn. Take a listen below!



Hangers have been sorely represented here, especially considering how often I draw them! Expect to see more coming to Imagitoons soon!


This guy has been trying to creep into a book I'm writing/illustrating...we'll see if the book ever becomes a reality...

Cubicle #3

Here we have the head of my Alma mater's new mascot/logo! To everyone else, it's a cool yellow jacket head! :P

Download "Cubicle #3" template here


Jackets Robot

Who wants a guy in a suit for a mascot when you can have a robot!?!?! Could you see this running around at a Jackets basketball game?? Creepin' the little kiddies out?? Let's do it!!

Commission: Jackets Racing '09-'10

Well friends, I'm happy to report I've had my first commission assignment! I was contacted this past week by the student leader of the Jackets Racing team from Cedarville University (my Alma mater). The team is a senior engineer design project in which students design a vehicle to be entered into the Formula SAE competition. I was given a hand sketch of the idea for the logo, to be used for all sorts of stuff, and went to work. Here's the final result!

I'm pretty pleased with it! If you've got any commission work that you need done, drop me an email at the Contact on the right and we can set up rates and the whole deal!

This past week was homecoming at Cedarville, which I participated in 0%. So this weeks art...and Cubicle...will be Cedarville related in some way!

Geek Monster

Hello friends,
In the first in probably a series of t-shirt vote requests, I present to you "Geek Monster". This design is for the "Threadless Loves Geeks" competition over at! Head on over by clicking the thumbnail below and give it some geek love!! ;) Be sure to click "I'd buy it as a tee" first! :) Only one week to get in on it!!

 - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever