Imagitoons Coloring Book

Well friends and fans, the Imagitoons Coloring Book is finally complete!! I may have lied last post, turns out it is now 22 all new Imagitoons characters for your coloring enjoyment! Pictured above is a colored version of the cover, which also serves as a coloring page in the actual book. I have currently uploaded the book to the Internet Archive as a PDF, which you can download below:

Feel free to color a page or two and scan it in and email it to me (mwshorts AT yahoo DOT com) with your name and I'll be sure to post it here!


It's gonna be a hit!!

This guy almost made it in the Imagitoons coloring book...but got cut from the team at the last minute. Yes, that does mean the book is nearly done! I'm hoping to have the rest of it done by the end of the week!! Then you'll be able to find it here for FREE!! It contains 20 all new Imagitoons characters for you to add your own artistic touch to!! Be looking for that soon!!!


Open up and say "Aaaaahhhh"

The coloring book is nearing completion, a few more pages to go!