Just an idea I'm toying with...

It doesn't pay... be a shooting star.

The Moon

...and it's really starting to creep me out...


***UPDATE 8/25***
"Bacon Shade" has been voted as one of the most wanted lamp shades on MYSOTI!! Head on over and check it out!!
Hello friends!! Today is my B-day, so to celebrate I've got a new product in the shop! It'll help ya celebrate a little different kind of 'B'-day everyday! BACON DAY!!!! ;)

So if you've got some extra cash around...and are feelin' a little bacon-y...then go for it!! ;)
I'm gonna try to get back to being a bit more regular here...I've been slacking lately if you haven't noticed! In fact, the 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of 'Imagitoons Design' was August Happy Belated B-day to 'Imagitoons Design' as well!! :P


Seems my lack of updates lately has created a counter part to Robit - Robad. The two of them don't get along too well - so watch out for that!


All dressed up...

...with nowhere to go.

Another page from a book that may never be...