15088 - Eve

Merry Christmas everyone!!

15074x - Would've been

So this is the head of an Imagitoons that would have been.  He was a Skrull.  He had shape shifted into several different things at once.  My wife pointed out that part of him looked a bit unintentionally inappropriate.  So, here he is.  The part that is appropriate.  The true 15074 will show up soon...


15069 - Ferocious

I watched "Ferocious Planet" over the weekend.  This is my take on the creatures.

New Identity

You may have noticed from the new layout that Imagitoons Design has undergone a bit of a identity change.  The new logo is here, along with a new shop and other new features on the way!

15056 - Friends! Help! A guinea pig tricked me!

Random fact:  Imagitoons was originally going to be called "Sketch-a-Doodle Toons" or "SADtoons" for short.  The first thing I uploaded to this sight was a banner reading "Sketch-A-Doodle Toons"...but you never saw it, did you??? Woop woop woop!!

1505X - Sewing fear

I did not forget about you all in Imagitoons Land!!   This week was my wife and I's anniversary, and my birthday, so I didn't get around to sketching much.  No fear!  A Friday post is here!!

Check out more inspiration for this guy after the below: