Lumina Lizard

Here you can see our lumina (loom-in-uh) lizard...oh wait, no you can't - let me hit the lights. Ahh! There we go! As you noticed, lumina lizards can't be seen in the light. They have very unique skin that makes them impossible to see during the daytime, but at night it causes them to glow brightly. Most people would expect a creature like this to be nocturnal, but in reality the lumina lizard lives half in the day and half in the night. The first part of their day (in daylight) is spent sneaking up on insects and eating them - the second part of their day (in the night) is spent avoiding their nocturnal predators who can see them quite easily as they glow! You can see here that one lumina lizard is hiding under the water to avoid detection!

We'll leave the lights off so others can see the lumina lizards when they come by!

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  1. this is very cool i like it

  2. Thanks! It was inspired by all those exhibits at the zoo where you can't see where the little guy is and then walk away - then the people behind you find it so you have to go back...and still not see it :P (at least that's what happens to me!)