According to my wife, this is a mix of the Falcons logo and Knuckles from "Sonic the Hedgehog."  I don't disagree.


The NFL season started this week.  I'm always interested in re-imagining things, so for the next 16 weeks you will be getting my takes on your favorite (an least favorite) team mascots.  This one may seem familiar...cause it's a re-post!! ;)


This year I named my fantasy football team "Daleks."  This would be their minimalist logo.


This was recent design I worked on for a t-shirt contest for the band Flatfoot 56.  I didn't really finish the design so nothing came of it, but here it is!! Check Flatfoot 56 out below (an older song, but one of my favorites!)!


Well, I kind of limped Imagitoons out of Year III and into Year IV!!  So happy belated anniversary to Imagitoons.  This little guy really missed having new posts...maybe I can relieve some of his distress.


I think they're related...

The Corps

My wife and I watched "The Green Lantern" a few days ago.  I realized that the Imagitoons realm had no protector!  No more!  We have our hero and are now safe from intergalactic threats!