Arctic Oddball

Robit here: My first act as periodic poster is to give you a revamped classic. Remember the shirt idea once titled 'Family'? Well it's been reworked and shirt-ified under the new moniker 'Arctic Oddball'. Check out the store to grab one...or two or three!


Well, I got a this here Robit is going to periodically (probably quite often in fact) fill in for me. He's got some insightful things to listen to him carefully! If you've got a question for him to answer be sure to leave it in the comments!


Another page from a book that may never be...


This guy started as a vampire...then he became a werewolf...what a rough world we live in!

Humanoid Head

Just a re-imagining of my Alma Maters new mascot as an alien humanoid...

Plant alien

This was a plant outside my, seriously!!

This thing I saw once...

This started out as a lot of different things...poor thing ended up like this!! :P


Zombzilla!! tee by Imagitoons. Available from

See...told ya it'd be a shirt eventually!! Head over to the shop, or click above, to check it out! You may notice that I've trimmed the shop down some - all of the posters are still there, but most of the shirts are gone!! Don't worry...if you'd like one of the older shirts let me know - I can put it right back up. Just trimmin' things down for hopefully a whole new line of shirts soon!!

Feel free to leave some new shirt suggestions in the comments!!


*Just a note...I put this up in the store last Thursday before I headed out of town, so if you stopped by the store - this is no new news...however - it is already the top selling shirt - before I even formally announced it! :D So get 'em while they're hot!!!