Welcome back, kiddos! Here you can see one of our pterodragons (tare-o-drag-un) enjoying herself under the heat lamp. Pterodragons like to be as hot as they can, so we have several of these lamps installed. Temperatures can reach up to 125°F (52°C) in the exhibit, and the pterodragons thrive in those conditions. These creatures have small wings which do not enable them to sustain flight, instead they help them to jump higher by providing a little bit of lift. This helps them in the wild to climb to the top of rocks and bask in the sunlight with other pterodragons.

I'm getting hot just looking at this one - let's move along and cool down some!

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  1. I like this its very cute :) I like all your work!! how do you do it?

  2. Thanks!! Well, I usually sketch the stuff out by hand and then bring into Inkscape and work on it from there!