War EP

The new album teaser EP for the upcoming (morse), my musical solo project, album "And War Came Forth" was just released! The teaser is titled "War EP" - you can check it out here!


Oh yeah, store SALE ends today!!

Store Sale!!

15% off everything in the store today and tomorrow!! Use the code "ilovelamp" in the giftcode box at the checkout to receive 15% off your purchase!! Thanks goes to the mysoti peeps!

On a side, mysoti just launched an interior design product line starting with custom lamp shades, so look for new designs coming from me...whenever I get time! :P


Cross Eye

For larger, click image

Soccer time!

Just a little logo I worked on...nothing really came of it (yet...)...but ya know, it was good clean fun!



Robit here: I rebooted my systems and this came up...maybe it's a part of things to come...