16072 - Heyyyy

The zoo trip starts 10/18!!

16071 - Clomps

Our next trip to the zoo starts 10/18!!

Field Trip

"Wait, why isn't there a creature here today?  It's Thursday.  I demand my Imagitoon!!"

16064 - Hornt

Trying not to be eaten by a hornt-eater.

Charleston Coyotes

It's a Saturday surprise!!  In high school, I had an imaginary football league, the Shorts Football League.  The Charleston (SC) Coyotes were one of the teams.  I've reimagined their logo here.  Perhaps I'll revamp more eventually...

16060 - Flipster

Perhaps this should have been 16061...

16056 - Darwin

Can you tell I've been reading "Expedition: Being an Account in Words and Artwork of the 2358 A.D. Voyage to Darwin IV"?