The grazzel (graze-ul) is a very peaceful creature which spends most of its day grazing on grass. Grazzel stay in large groups which are very mindful of the amount of grass in an area. They make sure to eat only the tall grass (acting almost like lawn mowers), leaving the short grass to continue to grow for later consumption. As you can see here, males and females have their own distinctive traits. Females have a distinct mark on their foreheads and have utters. Males (in the background) do not have the forehead mark or utters, but instead have antlers and more spots on their backs.

These are great creatures to watch...but honestly they're probably not going to do anything exciting, so we can move along!

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  1. Utters? Okay...

    I keep forgetting you post one of these every day. Lookin' foward to the aviary!

  2. What...are utters too utterly ridiculous??

    I've got some work to do to get the aviary done...but I'm liking what I've got so far!

    ...and I saw your brother today...just saying! ;)