Clastos, you have undoubtedly seen creatures from this planet at our zoo before.  They are easily identified by their six eyes.  This one, the slivon, is a fairly common grassland creature.  It lives in small groups, grazing leisurely.


Orthermo uses the single thermal sensor on the top of its head to see.  The planet Traxis is very close to its star, and the high levels of heat and radiation have lead to the development of this sensor organ instead of common eyes.  This bird like creature keeps it's young in a pouch until they are ready to venture into the world alone.


Hibroath are an odd combination of creatures.  It is often referred to as the platypus of Abri.  The less dense atmosphere of the planet allows this wonder to fly, and seeming float, through the air with ease.


Our first stop on our zoo trip takes us to the fierce gryxl area.  Much of their physiology is similar to Terran dinosaurs of old.  Their long necks help them see over tall grassy patches, and their double tongue helps break down some of the tough prey that they consume on Sys.

16072 - Heyyyy

The zoo trip starts 10/18!!

16071 - Clomps

Our next trip to the zoo starts 10/18!!