Portland Pandas

I've always enjoyed sports mascots...so after browsing some of the mascots at istockphoto, I decided to try my hand at some sports logo design...just with a bit more obscure team names, like the Pandas! Who wouldn't be intimidated by that mascot?? Especially with those blood red eyes!

I'm sure you'll be seeing more sports mascots from me soon...leave any team name suggestions in the comments and I'll try to get on some of them!

Lighting it up...

I haven't seen many Christmas lights up this year...maybe people use ones that suck too much electricity...

The Final Frontier

Just a little emblem/logo design I was working on a few months ago for my "band", (morse).


Another page from a book that may never be...

Mrs. Rukhs

What...you don't know Khuzdul??

FREE Music

My "band" (morse) has been featured on CreukRadio.org's new Christmas compilation "Living for G-d". Read all about it HERE.

...I promise to work on a creature for tomorrow (notice I didn't say it would be done! mwah ha ha!)


The Cord

The Cord is (or will be??) an online message board for new mothers. Here's a logo design I submitted to them...they wanted it crunchy, but I guess this was "too crunchy" :P Simplicity FTW!! (The pink mother is a lower case "i" with some "j" hair, and the purple baby is an upside-down exclamation point!)

Gettin' Old

This weekend was full of birthdays in my family...it's kinda creepy if you ask me!


This was a simple doodle I did the other day. I thought it looked pretty cool...just sayin'


Yep...I was lazy today...