As reptiles slowly took over the land of Zilla III, one large predator made its way back to the sea - the Crocfin.  A crocfin can use its fins to crawl on land, but it is much better suited to life in the water.  Though large and formidable looking, it largely eats vegetation in the sea.


Bicron live exclusively in two member groups in the deserts of Nymo.  They rely on each other for everything, to the point that within days of one of them dying, for any reason, the survivor will pass as well.  There is a gathering once every decade in which the pairs are formed.  There is no discernible criteria for the pairing, but once the pair has been formed, it cannot be broken for the next decade.

Mullet Fish

Mullet fish are all business up front.  The animal's eyes sit below it's large mouth that is able to hinge open to consumer relatively large prey.  The eyes sitting low allow it to track it's meal while it's mouth is wide open.


Sdrst are ferocious land predators that hunt the grasslands of Jeol III.  Their large bushy tail is covered in sensitive fibers that can sense movement from several yards away.  They hunt in packs, even though they are not overly social animals otherwise.