The deserts of Abri are home to the large drowt.  The bulk of the creature's body is a water holding organ, which helps it survive in the harsh environment.  It has no true predators, but still feels safer in small groups of 5-10 members.  It has several skin flaps on its nose, which acts as a heat sink, transferring body heat to the air.


Slithsac are very similar to Terran snakes.  There are quite a few differences though.  Slilthsacs have a set of quills on the back of their head.  When threatened, the creature coils up, leaving the quills exposed, facing upwards.  It can then stand these quills up, similar to a porcupine to fend off an attack.  Slithsacs also have a set of flaps of skin along their body that they can fill with air to make themselves seem larger.  These adaptions are all defensive as Slithsacs are quite docile.


Sapswings may have intimidating fangs, but these herbivores only use them to poke holes into trees and suck out the delicious sap.  Long arms allow them to swing through the forests of Drol with ease.  These creatures tend to live solitary lives, socializing only when absolutely required.


If there is one thing you should know, it's that Sundars love heat.  Their bodies stay low to the ground so that the hot sand warms them up.  The sharp protrusion on the rear isn't a stinger, it's a protected thermal gland that helps regulate this animal's high body temperature.