Hey everyone!

I'm kind of between projects at this point.  The sketchbook I've been using for the Zoo is all filled up, so I think I'll leave that series where it is for now.  I haven't quite decided what is coming next, but I'm still around, so keep checking back!



Hothin from the planet Jeol partially bury their eggs in the ground to keep them safe.  Predators have to spend time digging the eggs out to steal them - the shells are too hard to penetrate before the parents notice what is happening.  Fast runners, hothin can easily chase down the small mammals the make up their diets.


Skarl are ferocious beasts.  They live solitary lives, only meeting in groups to mate once a lifetime.  Their long saber teeth and sharp horns can gorge just about any prey they desire.  The howl of the skarl can be heard at night, and is one of the most frightening sounds of the Homar landscape.


The blrg of Clastos was named after the sound it's discoverer made upon finding it - BLRG!!.  These small creatures slowly crawl through the mud on their six tentacles.  They must stay moist to survive, but rarely submerge themselves in water.


Lumapedes tend to only come out at night, using their bio-luminescent head lamp to light their way.  Their front legs have adapted into grabbing forelimbs, enabling them to gather the small plants and moss that makes up their diets.  Their spikes are merely visual deterrents, as they break easily and offer no real protection.


The furdane is loosely related to the sundane.  It lives in the grasslands and forests of Proto.  They live in large groups gathering food most of the day.  The growth on their head is used to project their calls to distant groups of furdane.  They have quills running down their sides that they can raise to discourage predator's attacks.


Coraphi are the playful swimmers of Yla.  They are agile and fast, able to outrun any predators that are hunting them.  They also like to toy with their attackers - often frustrating them to the point that they give up.  Coraphi themselves feed off of the coral at the bottom of the ocean.


The jroba of Sys towers above most other creatures on the planet.  It's a peaceful creature that stays in rather large groups.  The stripes on its neck help it hide among the long grass of the Sys plains.  They have incredibly strong hind legs, which are able to kill any attacker with a single blow.


Budders are peculiar creatures.  They grow as columns, with their mouths on the top surface of their bodies.  The mouth has a sweet scented cavity at its center that attracts insects and small birds.  Once the prey gets close, the budder's teeth close in, forcing its meal into the digestive cavity.  Budders reproduce asexually by budding.  Their buds eventually detach, float on the wind, and plant somewhere nearby the parent creature.  There are often large patches of budders found across Clastos.


Ronoh is home to the sneaky kreapur.  This flightless bird towers over the plains in search of carrion.  It can be difficult to know if the original predator is still lingering around it's prey, so the kreapur is always creeping around.  They tend to be solitary, assembling groups only when attacked.