(morse) myspace layout

I did the new artwork for the myspace page for the band (morse)...here's a glimpse:

Check the full page out! Also...check out this blog post from (morse) for more info on the upcoming album, "And War Came Forth" - for which I did the album artwork!!


Cubicle #4: Fe Cube

This CUBICLE has nothing to do with any type of metallic man...no, seriously...it doesn't.

Download "Cubicle #4" template here



Another page from a book that may never be...

Affiliate Directory

Here's another logo I've been working on. The company really liked it, but decided to go with a different logo - that's life! So...enjoy!! :D

Cupid's Sparrow

"I am going to be cupid, and I am going to shoot my sparrow at unsuspecting victims, and they are going to get hit and say "I'm in love - I was hit by cupid's sparrow." Funny little bird, but he gets the job done."
-Michael Scott, The Office

(morse) Cover Art

I give you the first look at the cover art for my next (morse) album titled "And War Came Forth". I was going for something fairly simple and barren...cause ya know, the war destroyed a lot...I had around 8 concepts for the cover before this one hit me and I knew that this was the one! I'm currently recording the 6 track project and am hoping to have it out to you sometime in the Spring! The (morse) myspace page is gonna change looks in a few weeks to match the album artwork so keep checking that and keep your eyes out for the tracklist and a new song eventually :P

Imagitoons Design

aka "The Relaunch"...so it's time to go happy sea creature...

...in with a slimmed down look! I give you, the new 'Imagitoons Design' site. That's right, I tacked on the word 'Design'...pretty spiffy, eh?? I've been enjoying doing logo designs and shirt designs and what not, so I thought I'd put my foot out in some freelance design work...so if you need something designed, drop me a line using the *new* contact page and we can hammer something out! Some other things around these parts may change up eventually so stay tuned!

Oh yeah, I present to you the updated Imagitoons Design logo to go with the new site!

I've been working on a new myspace layout for my band (morse) too...that will be up in a few weeks - but later this week you will get the very first look at the artwork for my upcoming album...so be sure to be back Thursday...then I hear there may be a special Friday post! ;)

Be good boys and girls!


Coming to a shirt near you soon...maybe???

Trollin' time!

...more of a "fun with characters" than a "fun with letters"!

"The Friend of Children"

So I think Japan is taking over Imagitoons this week...starting with my good friend Gamera