...is the name of our cat. True story.

A|| Look to the Heavens ||Z - Alt. Cover

Yet another alternate album cover for my ambient project, (morse). You may be wondering, "Mikal, why did you make these alternate covers??". Well little one, I drew these up because I wanted to try to get the styles of the three album covers (so far) to match. My favorite of the three original covers by far is the cover for "And War Came Forth". So...naturally they're all a bit more minimalistic to match that style!! So there you have it! Again, if you have no clue what I'm talking about, get in the know below!!


The Chrysalis Moon - Alt. Cover

If I were to do it again...this is what it would look like. Notice I dropped the 'ep' designation...that's right, I once considered it an EP, now I consider it a full album...I can do that, right?? If you have no clue what I'm talking about then ch-ch-check it out below!!

Another (morse)-alt cover is coming soon!


...or priest?

I'm allergic

...not really! Go SWARM!!

I'm King of the world!!

Being a big fan of hockey, I was proud to be able to design this logo for a youth hockey team! Go Royals!!

Ride the curl...

...or don't, it's really up to you.


I think this is what I will be carving this year...


...no seriously, that just wouldn't make any sense.


...I think that's the sound it makes.

In other news, I start a new job next Monday so posts will probably become few and far between because I'm gonna be moving...but keep coming back because things may work out so that there end up being more frequent posts than ever before!! It just might take a bit to get to that point...


Keep on Truckin'

Coming to a highway near you soon...

STENS: Friend of Children

Remember this guy?? Now you can make your very own "Friend of Children" shirt!! Download the template and get making your own Imagitoons Design shirt at home!

Download Template

Milk Mo

Help me get this shirt printed!!! A high score and kind words go a long way! Tell everyone...I mean EVERYONE. I think this is a "IF YOU READ THIS AND DON'T RE-POST IT YOU WILL DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH IN 5 HOURS" kind of situation here...just sayin' ;)
Click the image below to vote!

Milk Mo - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More



Hurry out and grab your favorite new t-shirt, "Commusarus"!! Whether you're a Red, or just plain into dinosaurs - this is the shirt for you! Get it now in the shop!



You may not notice, but this robot is inspired by a ring. An engagement ring. My fiancee's engagement ring. That's right, I got engaged over the weekend to the most wonderful woman in the whole universe! This robot showed up to celebrate! How nice of him!!


STENS: Fire Heart

I present to you the very first STENS design: Fire Heart! I thought I'd start you all out with an easy one! So download the template and get making your own Imagitoons Design shirt at home!

Download Template


Introducing STENS, a new line of free DIY t-shirt designs from yours truly! I'll be trying to roll new designs out to you as frequently as I can so you can keep your wardrobe fresh! I'll be providing the designs (in PDF format), I'll hook you up with instructions and the rest is up to you! If you've wanted to sport an Imagitoons shirt but haven't had the cash to buy one, this is your chance!!

Be sure to come back Thursday for the first STENS design! Then you can get t-shirting (I think that's a word...)!


Community (the preview)

...something is coming...


Just an idea I'm toying with...

It doesn't pay...

...to be a shooting star.

The Moon

...and it's really starting to creep me out...


***UPDATE 8/25***
"Bacon Shade" has been voted as one of the most wanted lamp shades on MYSOTI!! Head on over and check it out!!
Hello friends!! Today is my B-day, so to celebrate I've got a new product in the shop! It'll help ya celebrate a little different kind of 'B'-day everyday! BACON DAY!!!! ;)


So if you've got some extra cash around...and are feelin' a little bacon-y...then go for it!! ;)
I'm gonna try to get back to being a bit more regular here...I've been slacking lately if you haven't noticed! In fact, the 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of 'Imagitoons Design' was August 1st...so Happy Belated B-day to 'Imagitoons Design' as well!! :P


Seems my lack of updates lately has created a counter part to Robit - Robad. The two of them don't get along too well - so watch out for that!


All dressed up...

...with nowhere to go.

Another page from a book that may never be...

And War Came Forth

I am proud to FINALLY announce the release of "And War Came Forth"! Just about 3 months later than I was hoping, but it's finished!! I hope you all enjoy!



They're not butlers...

...really, they're not. But they did want my logo - so now they have it. Cool story, eh?


I give you the newest addition your Imagitoons wardrobe...'Abstraction'!!! It's a mix of all of my favorite things - zombies, aliens, robots, bugs, MST3K, space...and all kinds of other stuff! :P You can get yours HERE (keep in mind, MYSOTI has been a bit slow in shipping things out lately, but they're getting caught up).


Glimpse #4

...of things to come

Glimpse #3

...of things to come