Emicolo Bird

We go from a bird that goes crazy when it sees color to a bird that emits color while it flies! It's the emicolo (em-E-co-low) bird! This bird is fun to watch especially since you never know which colors are going to be made when it flies! The emicolo is a bird that spends most of its time flying because its small stubby legs make it hard to for it to get around on the ground. These birds typically live in heavily wooded rain forests, which makes their colors easy to see in the shade provided by the trees. The length of the color trail depends on the age of the bird - the older it is, the longer the color trail! It is said to be good luck to walk through a emicolo's color trail which is relatively easy to do in the wild since they fly in groups. You can often find a trail of several colors lingering after a group of emicolos fly through!

We could stand here all day and watch these amazing birds...but we should make room for others to see them! Let's move along, Kiddos!

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  1. That's an awfully wide bill. What do they eat?

  2. Well, living in the rain forest, they eat a lot of those crazy poisonous tree frogs...which may be where all their color comes from! They store the poison in their bill and spit it out later - hence it's quite wide!