Moving from one that likes it hot to one that seems to have a cold, this is our reptyle (rep-tile). The name comes from the fact that it is hard to tell which group of animals this creature belongs to - some refer to it as the "platypus of reptiles". This creature has a very poor immune system and gets sick quite often. When the reptyle is feeling better he usually is a pretty jubilant creature and romps around outside entertaining our guests here at the zoo. In the wild these creatures stay in groups which actually encourages the spread of illnesses, but the reptyles are good at taking care of their own when they are sick. We're hoping to get another reptyle here at the Imagitoons Zoo soon!

Well, let's let this guy sleep and hopefully he'll feel better in the morning!

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  1. i like this animal

  2. ya know, oddly enough - he's probably one of my favorites here at the Imagitoons Zoo!