Updates & such

Hello friends,

The year is coming to an end and I find myself on vacation.  It really is nice, but it means that I'm away from home.  I had a couple of creatures drawn up...but was lazy and didn't post them, so all you get is text.  I'm hoping to get back to being more regular in 2012 and hopefully I'll have some more stuff out to ya.  In the meantime, have a blessed Christmas!



Don't worry,  he's house broken.

A Boid

Like in that one movie...

Bat Division

I have some friends whose house seems to attract bats.  So I think they need a "bat division" to handle the situation.  And by "bat division," I mean a large super powered bat that knows how to get rid of regular bats.


Turns out I was on a triangle kick...

The TriKing

Not to be confused with a ViKing.

Candy Please

Gotta catch 'em all!!!

Also...he's out early, eh?


...I'm a giant.

(morse): familiar_unknown

I've been away for a week so I thought I'd give ya something extra special today!  It's the first look at (morse)'s final album artwork.  In case ya don't know - (morse) is this "music" thing I do.  So...yeah!

Back to regular posting next weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!

Sometimes you've got it

"IT" being a snow globe for a head.

A Pirate

...with an iPad for a leg.

Commission: ZOMBIES


I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Sideshow Collectibles, but they're a fairly prominent collectible toy maker/seller.  A little over a year ago they decided to look for a new logo and a new shirt design to promote their brand.  The logo work went to another designer, but my "Zombie" design got the nod from the SSC team and this was the result.  They've owned their new logo and this shirt, my design, for over a year now...but neither have re-surfaced since then.  I had fun making it though, and hey, it helped pay for the wedding!!  Can't argue with that!



I'd be paranoid too if I just robbed the Keeper.

A New Dawn...

...and so, I haven't posted anything new in WEEKS!! Getting married will do that to ya, I guess. Hopefully soon I'll be back at it - and maybe we'll finally be to this slightly new format I've been eluding to for quite some time now! Also, a new look to the site coming soon????

Stick around. It'll be fun!