Sinister Sam 2.0

This is a reimagined version of a villian from a comic book I made in my highschool days.  Before there was Super Sam, there was Sinister Sam.  He was an evil Martian ghost who "possessed" Super Sam and really muddled up storylines.  He was eventually defeated and Super Sam became a hero once again.


Our puppy graduated from "beginner" training classes today.  He wore a graduation cap.  He didn't like it.

Micro 2.0

A reimagined version of a superhero I made in my highschool days.  Remember v1.0?
Check out the original sketch for this one below.


This is part of a logo I did a while back.  Thought I'd share.


This guy sits on my desk at work - he makes me think I'm out in an imaginary field...surrounded by imaginary animals.


Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I have today here's something entirely random.


A logo I did a while back...


The servers were down at work yesterday for most of the morning.  I had fun making an 8-bit version of my favorite NFL team's logo.  In Microsoft Excel.


There's this company I work for.  I think the logo should be this.