The jroba of Sys towers above most other creatures on the planet.  It's a peaceful creature that stays in rather large groups.  The stripes on its neck help it hide among the long grass of the Sys plains.  They have incredibly strong hind legs, which are able to kill any attacker with a single blow.


Budders are peculiar creatures.  They grow as columns, with their mouths on the top surface of their bodies.  The mouth has a sweet scented cavity at its center that attracts insects and small birds.  Once the prey gets close, the budder's teeth close in, forcing its meal into the digestive cavity.  Budders reproduce asexually by budding.  Their buds eventually detach, float on the wind, and plant somewhere nearby the parent creature.  There are often large patches of budders found across Clastos.


Ronoh is home to the sneaky kreapur.  This flightless bird towers over the plains in search of carrion.  It can be difficult to know if the original predator is still lingering around it's prey, so the kreapur is always creeping around.  They tend to be solitary, assembling groups only when attacked.


A cousin of the floatane, the sandane made its way from the watery edges to the heat of the Proto deserts.  They live in small groups, lounging in the sun to warm their bodies.  The growth on their head has become thin, exposing veins to the sun to regulate their body temperature.  They get their sustenance from eating small desert creatures.  They are distant relatives of the furdane of Proto.