The Cripple #1

I used to make a comic book back in high school.  I've been trying to get them put into digital form, so here's my first attempt with issue #1!  I tried to annotate it as well as I could.  Hover over most text and it'll come up, in case you can't read 15 year old me's hand writing.

(morse): familiar_unknown

Hello friends!

I know it's been a while since I've posted any creatures (what with the new baby and all).  Hopefully you can forgive me.  In the mean time, I've put the finishing touches on my final (morse) album, "familiar_unknown".  It's been over seven years since the last release...but who's counting??  Find the download after the jump:

Friday Surprise: (morse)

It's about time you heard new (morse) music, eh?  Check out "Glitch Nebula" from my upcoming fourth and final (morse) album, "familiar_unknown," below:

Other projects

So I think I'm going to start working on a remake of the film "Titanic", but as a psychological thriller.  It'll be called, "Icy Dead People."


Tribak are peaceful giants.  While roughly the same height as a rhinosaur, it has a lot more muscle, and weights  two to three times as much.  The fact this this heavy of a creature only has three legs is quite amazing.  It bends down to eat from the many shrubs on Homar, using its long head extension to balance itself.

Sky Terror

The only way the large sky terror is able to fly is because of the thin atmosphere at the heights which it lives.  This large bird doesn't have any teeth, but its jaw could crush just about anything around.  It prefers to eat the small shelled creatures that roam the mountaintops of Lami.

Stalker Eel

Stalker eels are great hiders.  They perfectly blend into the ocean floor.  There is a row of sensors along its upper lip that help it to know when a meal swims by.  It mainly sticks to smaller sea creatures, but have been known to hunt in large groups to take down larger prey.


Bronta are a very curious species.  They like to explore and socialize.  They can be skiddish at first, approaching new discoveries with caution, but they can't resist the unknown.  They roam in small groups around Ronoh, grazing on whatever vegetation they can find.


Scutters are a very dangerous species on Abri.  They do not have eyes, but have a very sensitive taste gland in the back of their throats.  They can locate prey up to a mile away.  They have several rows of teeth that make quick work of any meal.  They are one of the fastest land animals on Abri.


The long stretches of night on Uvon VII have led to the rise of several nocturnal animals.  The tright is one of the few that can fly.  Tright have a long nose that they use to direct insects into its mouth while flying.  When it isn't flying, the nose typically flops around as it walks.


Yebi like it cold, VERY cold.  They only live in the coldest environments on Vin.  It is covered in white fur to help it blend into the snowy scene, but it ends up keeping the creature warmer than it likes.  To fight this, there is a large gland on its nose that helps  regulate its body temperature by letting cold air into its lungs.