Blossum are much more similar to earth scorpions than the flowers that they look like.  These creatures are insectivores and their floral look helps attract pollinators.  It even spends its adolescence half buried in the ground.  They are fairly territorial and get very aggressive when intruders approach.


Dromb have a tough, leathery body, but an exposed fleshy head.  It will often float vertically, face out of the water.  The fleshy head has cells similar to that of plants, and the fish is able to photosynthesize the nourishment it needs.  Its tough body helps protect the fairly defenseless fish during this process.


The nolax is a very nurturing creature that mates for life.  It typically lays five to six eggs every year, and remains with those same offspring for up to ten years.  If you do the math, after several years, quite a large group of nolax forms - all children of the same group of parents.


The nocturnal kragler is one of my favorite animals on exhibit here at our zoo.  It has a large movement sensing organ on its head that helps alert the creature to any dangers during the daytime.  Its eyes are developed for nighttime, so the harsh light of day makes seeing things very difficult.


Here is an adult parth.  Adolescent parth don't yet have the large stinger that you see on the head of this adult.  The stinger possesses no poison, but can penetrate deep into its prey, fatally wounding it.  Parth are herd animals, and tend to have one male per group of fifteen to twenty.


Here we have the quiple.  A strange insect-like bird who is not truly capable of flight.  It has skin flaps that attach its odd antenna to its body.  These skin flaps allow the quiple to glide from rocky crag to rocky crag with ease.  It is largely an insectivore, which just goes to show that you really are what you eat.


Every blotto constantly drips ink out of its mouth.   It's typically easy to find a blotto, just follow its ink drops.  You might also notice its three legged body.  This is fairly unique in the animal world, and it is unclear what advantage this gives the creature.


Skreture fill the sky on the reptilian dominated planet of Zilla.  They spend most of their time gliding through the air, avoiding land based predators.  Skreture are vegetarians, so what little time they spend on the ground is spent foraging for food.