Friday Surprise: (morse)

It's about time you heard new (morse) music, eh?  Check out "Glitch Nebula" from my upcoming fourth and final (morse) album, "familiar_unknown," below:

Also, remember that tracklist I posted a while ago? Yeah, that's not entirely accurate anymore. Here's the current tracklist:

1 _ Glitch Nebula
2 _ Thiea
3 _ The Death
4 _ Nibiru
5 _ Darkstar
6 _ Ergosphere
7 _ Moonset Coda

I'm working to get this out this year, but...if you haven't heard...there's a baby on the we'll see if that happens or not!

Also, if you don't know what (morse) is, or just want to check out previous releases, head on over to the BandCamp page for downloads.


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