The Cripple

The Cripple was the main character of a comic book series that I made in high school. The name spawned from a band trip freshman year to Florida in which I evidently looked very sickly when I slept with the small blanket provided. Out of that, "The Cripple" was born, as was his alter ego "Mykul"...nothing like my name...Mikal! The comic book characters were all stick figures and based off of friends and teachers. The series ran through 12 editions, and a spin off series with 4 editions. I would make one hand drawn book and pass it around to those who were interested, so I have the only copies in the world!!!! Maybe I'll get around to redoing more characters...who knows...



  1. Why not redo the whole series instead? Haha, and then pass it around too--only this time, around the web, as a free download, like your coloring book! Well, just an idea... :D

  2. it may become a regular short comic strip on here instead of a book...but who knows! ;)

  3. dude i'd love to see those agian, and if not the whole thing at least my character.

    -compton, nick