A keytar beats a guitar any day!


  1. I'd love to have my own keytar someday but I just can't see any being sold here in the Philippines :(

    Bro, do you actually have one? Nintendocore band Rolo Tomassi was selling theirs for the cheap a few months ago on eBay--too bad, last time I checked, it's already sold. Oh, well...

  2. Unfortunately, I do not have one. I had actually told my gf that the only way I would do a live (morse) concert was if i had a keytar...I don't see that happening any time soon! She plays some guitar though...so I give her a hard time that a keytar is better! ;)

  3. Hahaha... :D

    (morse) live on keytar would sure be a delight to hear and see!

    Btw, how's the job-hunt?

  4. oh, the job hunt continues on! I've been applying to just about any kind of job that comes my way - but nothing has been promising. If anyone is reading this and wants to offer me a job, please do! ;) haha

    A bit of Imagitoons news: I'm actually working on a few items to start up an Imagitoons Shop - some shirts and posters for now. I'm hoping to have that up and running in the coming weeks! One design is actually based off of the background of this post! ;) It wont make up for unemployment, but hopefully it'll help some!

  5. Count on my prayers bro. And count on Him who answers prayers even more :) I know you'll land it in His time.

    Btw, will the shop be online? That would be awesome!

  6. thanks bro!

    The shop will indeed be online - I'm planning on using a site called MySoti which does print on demand shirts and posters - so when you order it, they print it! In a sense, each one is unique! haha I'm hoping to have a few items up in a week or so!