I've got some friends who are doing something really cool in our city.  You should be a part of it!  Click through to read more:      -mikal

It is possible.

Jack and Rachel Legg serve on the leadership of the Champion City Vineyard Church in downtown Springfield, OH. Their church is growing by leaps and bounds! Rather than seeking out a larger building with a larger staff and a larger budget, the Champion City Vineyard is meeting the challenge of growth by taking the road less traveled.

The Champion City Vineyard Church is committed to intimacy, community, and family. To protect the atmosphere of their close-knit church, they plan to grow outward. Instead of a bigger building, they are opening a second location. One giant church? Or numerous smaller churches dotting the city? As the church gets larger, they simply plan to make more churches.

Rachel and Jack will be leading a team in the creation of this new church plant (beginning on July 12th!). Jack and Rachel do not take salary from the church, but instead work regular jobs in their neighborhood to support themselves in addition to ministering in the church.

Some missionaries and church planters raise monthly support to supplement their income... Jack and Rachel honor that. But they have decided on an unconventional, rather audacious approach.
Instead of raising monthly support dollars to cover their needs, they are simply going to eliminate their major costs!

They have launched an online fundraiser on a borrowed blog interface. They hope to do something outrageous. They want to raise the amount of their college loans and erase the amount once and for all. By eliminating their college debt, Jack and Rachel will erase the lion's share of their monthly expenses... and thus be free to live simply on a modest income without the need of additional financial support.

They have a video online explaining their approach. Visit to learn more.
41 million Americans have college debt totaling $1 trillion. Can we really just erase it?

Why wouldn't it be possible? Isn't the Kingdom of God an abundant Kingdom? Aren't there people in the Body of Christ willing to give a little from their excess to do the miraculous.

Jack and Rachel believe there is enough. For you. For me. God has enough. We do not need to live like paupers, enslaved to inescapable debt. We do not have to toil away in a job that does not allow us to walk in the giftings God has given.

God is calling us to build His Kingdom. Do you believe He will make a way for us?

Let's do it. Then let's do it again. And again. And again. Until He comes.

Please consider giving a one-time gift of $20 to set Jack and Rachel free for vocational ministry. GIVE HERE.

Thank you!

Still curious!?  You didn't visit did you?  It's ok.  Maybe this video will clear things up!

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