Imagitoons Design

aka "The Relaunch" it's time to go happy sea creature... with a slimmed down look! I give you, the new 'Imagitoons Design' site. That's right, I tacked on the word 'Design'...pretty spiffy, eh?? I've been enjoying doing logo designs and shirt designs and what not, so I thought I'd put my foot out in some freelance design if you need something designed, drop me a line using the *new* contact page and we can hammer something out! Some other things around these parts may change up eventually so stay tuned!

Oh yeah, I present to you the updated Imagitoons Design logo to go with the new site!

I've been working on a new myspace layout for my band (morse) too...that will be up in a few weeks - but later this week you will get the very first look at the artwork for my upcoming be sure to be back Thursday...then I hear there may be a special Friday post! ;)

Be good boys and girls!

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