Commission: Jackets Racing '09-'10

Well friends, I'm happy to report I've had my first commission assignment! I was contacted this past week by the student leader of the Jackets Racing team from Cedarville University (my Alma mater). The team is a senior engineer design project in which students design a vehicle to be entered into the Formula SAE competition. I was given a hand sketch of the idea for the logo, to be used for all sorts of stuff, and went to work. Here's the final result!

I'm pretty pleased with it! If you've got any commission work that you need done, drop me an email at the Contact on the right and we can set up rates and the whole deal!

This past week was homecoming at Cedarville, which I participated in 0%. So this weeks art...and Cubicle...will be Cedarville related in some way!

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