Out with the old...

...in with the new! You will no longer be yelled at by a blob when you come to Imagitoons!

Now, a happy sea creature is awaiting you - luring you in, if you will ;) Along with the new look comes something I've been wanting to develop for a while, the Imagitoons Logo! I'm sure it'll be showing up more and more often - so get used to it! Now I give you...the Imagitoons Logo!

The logo is in the vein of my other "Fun with Letters" creations. The idea here was to make an 'I' in an unconventional way, while maintaining that exclamation point that I seem to use often in conjunction with Imagitoons!! (see?!?!?...and see yelling blob above)

Ok, so these changes come in conjunction with the 1 year anniversary of my first Imagitoons creature post (August 1st)! In celebration of this feat, I will be posting a new creature every weekday throughout August! I know, that's A LOT! Come back tomorrow for more details!! I'll just say I hope you've all turned in your permission slips, because we're going on a field trip, Kiddos!!

Thanks for your support!

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