T-shirt Design #4: Lil' Tree Hugger

Hello friends,
Yep, it's time for me to beg you to vote for another one of my t-shirt designs! This one will only be up for the next week, so get voting!! There's a box that says "I'd buy it as...", check "a shirt" first, and then give it a rating, if you would be so kind do so! ;) Comments on the page are VERY welcome! You'll have to sign up with Threadless to do so, but that's no big deal - this one has a pretty big "prize", so any help is appreciated!! :) I believe you can click on the image below to get there! Let EVERYONE know!! ;) lol

Lil' Tree Hugger - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


1 comment:

  1. It's cute! For some reason, though, it feels uncannily like it's part of Happy Tree Friends and something really bad is about to happen. Hope your T-shirt designs do well!