Coming Soon...

I'm just going to be posting some of my doodles that I draw by hand and fix up using Inkscape and Gimp. I used to do a comic strip every week called "Chloryform", but now I'm just going to be working on this project. Most will probably be random creatures doing pointless things. I have a pretty toonish kind of drawing style, so thats what you'll be seeing - some comic strip elements may even creep in from time to time. Feel free to add captions for the pictures in the comments if you feel like it!

I've been working on a few drawings over the past few weeks, but now I'm starting to get ready to head back to things have slowed down on that front. I'll try to get the first few drawings up the first part of August, and try to keep it a weekly thing here. So keep checking back...eventually something will be here...

On a side note, if you're in to ambient music...or just free music in general, check out my solo work called "(morse)" here


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